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Business Oxygen provides an expert bookkeeping and administration solution tailored to suit you and your business. From bookkeeping and administration, to payroll and archiving our approach is backed by years of experience and many happy clients. This proactive approach allows you to better manage your business and increase your bottom line by freeing up time usually spent on administrative bookkeeping tasks; giving you time to focus on the things that really matter.

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Our bookkeeping service operates online and off-site, enabling you to manage your business from anywhere in the world at any time. We take care of all data entry, paperwork management, filing, bill paying and bookkeeping; keeping your documents up to date allowing you to efficiently manage your business, and give you the ability to access electronic copies of your books and paperwork.


The biggest challenge in any archiving or filing system is not actually the filing. It’s being able to retrieve a document when you need it. Business Oxygen converts your records into an “archive quality” electronic form and catalogues them for retrieval from a secure web based search engine. You can search your own private database at any time from any location via the Internet.


Accurate, flexible and accessible payroll processes are the basis of all good working relationships with employees, we help you simplify this with our online payroll system designed for small and medium sized businesses. At your discretion employees can have their own separate login, so they can view and print payslips and group certificates themselves.

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