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Ben Talbot

Business Manager

Ben came to Business Oxygen with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Masters of Business Administration under his belt, as well as an unique background in training candidates on systems, operations and regulations within the aviation industry. This experience makes him ideally suited to the role of business manager and to help clients realise their business’ potential.

Ben applies a high level of “outcome based thinking” to every client’s business process and operation to ensure that both short and long term goals, as well as client expectations are met. Ben is constantly innovating business processes to overcome many of the traps business operators fall into; this enables clients to concentrate on the business of achieving their goals.

Outside of the office Ben is as dedicated and driven to achieving personal goals as he is in the office. He successfully completed an Ironman competition in 2008, and this discipline can be seen in his work.

Laurie Fitzgerald


Laurie has over 25 years experience in finance and business management. He began a public sector career in Justice Administration and held diverse positions within the Liquor Industry Regulation, Public Housing Management and Industrial Development sectors.

He was later approached to implement and manage the Regional Operations of the Small Business Development Corporation, and to manage the Regional Business Services for a first tier accounting firm. A role he held for many years before launching his own business management consultancy firm.

Since then Laurie has devoted his career to providing business development support and business restructuring advice to a range of industrial, commercial and manufacturing businesses, as well as playing an active, non-executive board role for some of Western Australia’s leading private companies. Mining services, forest harvesting, construction and recruitment are just some of the areas he has consulted for, as well as maintaining a direct interest in enterprises in franchising, trade services, system development, aviation, financial services and primary production


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