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Project Airconditioning

Project Airconditioning has reduced their administration costs by approximately $98,000 per annum by leveraging our My Assistant, My Payroll & My Accounts solutions.

The client

Project Air Conditioning Pty Ltd conduct specialised services across a number of market segments within the air conditioning, heating and cooling industry.

Project Air Conditioning provide installation, consulting and contracting services including split and ducted reverse cycle, ducted evaporative cooling, gas space heating, ventilation and air purification systems in the Perth metro area. Project Air Conditioning employs over 30 people and has offices in WA and Queensland.

The Business Problem

The management staff at Project Air conditioning were literally drowning in paper work and were fast running out of room to store all of their information, especially when trying to maintain historical information for a five year period, as is a statutory requirement.

Due to the global financial crisis, issues begin to arise with debtors, some of which fast became difficult to manage.

The owner was finding it increasingly difficult to access information from the existing accounting software program, it was cumbersome, time consuming and often not user friendly. At times the owner wondered if he had missed the fine print that came with the program, recommending you have a PHD to use the system.

Due to the large volume of historical data, what would seem like a simple process of generating reports was overly time consuming, frustrating and at times left the organisation exposed to the risk of corrupting the only data file in their possession.

The Business Oxygen Solution

The My Accounts solution was implemented to manage the excessive amount of paperwork and de clutter the workplace. Once a week the business gathers and posts their information to us for processing and archiving online. This information is available to view online, using simply search commands to locate any document that has ever been sent to us.

A user friendly accounting software package was implemented that allowed the owner access to accurate, up to date financial information. The simplification of the accounts process and fast access to information has provided the owner with the ability to make important business decisions in a more timely and efficient manner, knowing that his financial information is precise.

The My Payroll solution was implemented to effectively manage the employment factors of the business. Each week the authorised timesheets are either faxed or emailed to us to process and view online.

The My Assistant solution was implemented to assist with the recovery of bad debts. This money has been injected back in to the business to assist with its development and expansion.

We organised and simplified the accounts so they were far easier to follow and timely data was available to make important business decisions.

The Result

All financial data and information is stored safely online.

Information is available to view at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

The workplace is free of excess paperwork and clutter.
As a result the group now has far more room to conduct their business, they are not exposed to any one staff member.

The owner is confident when accessing information and generating reports, knowing that he can readily locate what he requires, and that it is accurate.

The company has reduced their administration costs by approximately $98,000 per annum.

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